Cavallí Residences By Dàmàc Bay 2 | Premium Residential Complex

Launch of a new tower Dàmàc Bay 2 in Dubai Marina with a full view of the Arabian Sea & Palm Jumeirah. DÁMÁC Bay 2 is a new residential development that combines exceptional craftsmanship with a luxury lifestyle. 

Dàmàc Bay 2 by Cavalli Dubai Harbour Marina is the most exciting residential project on earth and is home to the rich and famous. The worlds largest man-made island developed off the shores of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and often referred to as the 8th wonder of the world. Dàmàc Bay 2 by Cavalli is made up of 3 sections; the trunk, the fronds and the crescent. The island extends 6.5 kilometres into the Arabian Gulf and is surrounded by an 11 kilometre-long crescent-shaped breakwater built with over 7 million tons of rock and sand and added 60 kilometres of beach to the coast of the UAE.

Luxurious homes, hotels and resorts all with private beach front access with individual attention to detail amid amazing surroundings and world-class amenities. Dàmàc Bay 2 by Cavalli Residences is primarily a retreat and residential area for living, relaxation, and leisure. It contains themed boutique hotels, 5* worldwide well known luxury resorts, three types of villas (Signature Villas, Garden Homes, and Canal Cove Town Homes), shoreline apartment buildings, beaches, marinas, restaurants, cafes and a variety of retail outlets including the new soul of Palm Jumeirah, Nakheel Mall.

Cavalli Residences By Dàmàc Bay 2 was the singularly most important property development ever launched in Dubai. Redefying luxury living, there is no shortage of ultra-luxurious top-rated names to choose from including the infamous Atlantis resort with its opulence and water parks, a favourite with tourists and residents of Dubai.

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